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Boat Accident Attorneys in Austin

On any given weekend, many of the highland lakes are clogged with boats and other watercraft.  Just like Austin’s traffic, the result is accidents, often involving catastrophic injuries.  Sometimes, watercraft collide.  Often, one watercraft will run aground, or the driver will operate unsafely injuring the boat’s occupants.  If you or a loved one are hurt while on the water, contact the boating injury attorneys at Allison and Ward to discuss the specific facts of your case.

What can a Boating Accident Attorney do for You?

People should be able to enjoy the lakes, rivers and coastal waters of Texas. Unfortunately, boaters and jet ski operators do find themselves becoming the victims of other boaters’ reckless behavior or negligent repair and maintenance practices can lead to avoidable injuries and property damage. An experienced boat accident attorney knows the particulars of maritime law, which comes with its own rules about filing claims and submitting pleadings to the court. The liability rules also differ in some ways from those that govern car owners or tour bus operators.

Reckless Boating:

People who sail, operate power boats, or ride personal watercraft and responsible for following local regulations and otherwise operating their vehicles in a safe manner. Going too fast for the conditions, being under the influence of drugs, and failing to pay attention to the waters ahead all lead to avoidable injuries.

Companies usually make their boat operators follow strict rules about loads, safety procedures and speed to protect passengers. Sometimes, negligent or unsavory boat operators cut corners or ignore boating safety rules to make more money, and people get hurt. Whether you were injured on a charter or by a reckless individual, a boat injury attorney can evaluate your case in light of applicable maritime laws.

Negligent Maintenance and Repair:

Power boats, trailers, and personal watercraft can all become dangerous if not properly cared for. Your lawyer can help you secure records and expert testimony if there is evidence your injuries resulted from a bad repair job or poor maintenance.

Grounds for Negligence:

The circumstances that constitute negligence are complicated, so you should never assume you were a simple victim of bad luck. An individual who is injured through another person’s negligence may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, disabilities, and pain and suffering. The rules for determining negligence also vary depending on whether you were a guest on the boat or if you were employed by the owner. A lawyer can help you determine if you have a case against the operator of the boat you were on or the other boat or watercraft. If you have been injured in a boating accident and suspect the accident was the result of negligence, call us to discuss your case. If your injury happened on the water, you need to hire an Austin attorney with experience handling boat injury cases.