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Lifetime Income Benefits Attorneys

Injuries that qualify for LIBS

Lifetime income benefits, or LIBS, are extremely rare benefits paid to you for life. The types of catastrophic injuries which qualify for LIBS are:

  • total and permanent loss of sight in both eyes;
  • loss of both feet at or above the ankle;
  • loss of both hands at or above the wrist;
  • loss of one foot at or above the ankle and the loss of one hand, at or above the wrist
  • an injury to the spine that results in permanent and complete paralysis of both arms, both legs, or one arm and one leg;
  • a physically traumatic injury to the brain resulting in incurable insanity or imbecility;
  • third degree burns that cover at least 40 percent of the body and require grafting, or third degree burns covering the majority of either both hands or one hand and the face

Important things to note about LIBS

The word, “loss” does not mean, as you would think, amputation. What it means is that the described body part ceases to be a functioning part of your body. For example, this is critical in paralysis cases. The politically incorrect “idiot or imbecile” language has been interpreted as leaving the injured worker with the mentality of a seven year old (or less).

LIBS are subject to the caps already discussed…kind of. They are paid at 75% of your average weekly wage, beginning when your injury qualified you to get them (not when you were awarded them), and they increase 3% per year, regardless of the caps. If you or a loved one has suffered such a serious injury, please call the Austin LIBS lawyers at Allison & Ward.

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