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Austin PIP and MedPay Attorneys

The difference between PIP and MedPay Coverage

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and MedPay are no-fault accident insurance policies sold with car insurance.  The main difference between Personal Injury Protection and MedPay is that PIP covers reasonable and necessary medical expenses and 80% of your lost time from work up to the PIP policy limit.  It is possible to stack PIP insurance policies to recover more money for your medical bills and lost wages.

More on MedPay

MedPay is an accident insurance policy that covers reasonable and necessary medical expenses up to the policy limit. It does not cover lost wages.  Once you receive a judgment or settlement against the negligent party, your PIP insurance carrier only receives its money back if it also paid for damages through your liability coverage. MedPay does have a right of subrogation—a right to be paid back what it has paid. If you have been denied coverage or have questions regarding PIP or MedPay, contact our Austin injury attorneys so that we can review the specific facts of your case. We are specialists in PIP and MedPay attorneys in Austin, please do not hesitate to reach out regarding any questions.

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