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Medical Care and Extent of Injury Disputes

The workers’ compensation insurance company must pay for reasonable and necessary care to treat your on the job injuries for life. But in our experience, that is rarely the case. Usually your treatment begins at a hospital or with a doctor your employer or the insurance company sends you to. You can change treating doctors once. If you are unhappy with your current treating doctor, call our medical care lawyers for advice.

Medical Care Denials

Your medical care may be delayed, disputed and denied by the insurance company. Part of getting good quality care is getting to the right health care providers and, if necessary, specialists.

Extent of Injury Disputes

Extent of injury disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Often it goes like this: the insurance company sends you to a doctor who diagnoses a minor injury such as a contusion or a sprain/strain. When you have an MRI or see a specialist, you find out you have a torn ligament in your knee or a herniated disc in your back. Then the insurance company sends you a form stating it is disputing anything but a sprain/strain or that your condition is preexisting or degenerative. If that is happening to you, please give our Injury Dispute attorneys a call.

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