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What to do after a car wreck

Austin has a lot going for it. However, traffic and traffic safety are not on that list. We have too many cars, too few roads, a bad public transportation system, and too many intoxicated, distracted, aggressive, and just plain bad drivers. The tragic result is that you are likely to get into a car wreck about every 8 years.

Steps to take after a wreck

There are several steps you should take after a car accident in Texas. Our car wreck FAQ might answer some of your questions about car wrecks and personal injury.

1. Stop and help anyone who is injured.Two-Car Wreck

2. Call 911 and report the accident. Tell the 911 operator if an ambulance is needed. If you are unsure of whether an ambulance is needed then tell the 911 operator. Once the police arrive, note which police department they are with and the name of the investigating officers. Cooperate fully with all police officers and EMS professionals who arrive at the scene.

3. Exchange information with all drivers involved in the accident. You will need their name, address, phone number, make and model of their car and their insurance information. Give them your insurance and contact information.

4. Gather information and document the accident scene. You should get the name, address and telephone number of any passengers. If there were any witnesses to the accident, then you will need their name, address and phone number and a description of what they witnessed. It can be very difficult to get witness information once they leave the accident scene. Take pictures of all the cars involved in the accident, paying special attention to damage to the cars and where they are. Take pictures of the area around the accident scene including any tire skid marks and debris. We advise not to accept fault for an accident at the scene or to make comments such as, “I am sorry”. There may be additional facts about the accident you are unaware of at the time and your comments can be misinterpreted by others during the excitement immediately following a wreck.

5. Get medical treatment for any injuries you may have. If you are experiencing pain after an accident, allow the ambulance to take you to the hospital to make sure you do not have any life threatening injuries. It is not unusual to have pain within a few days of having a car accident. Seek medical attention so that any injuries related to the car wreck can be documented. The longer you wait to seek medical attention the harder it is to prove you sustained your injuries in the car accident. If the insurance company doctor diagnoses a major injury as minor, give our injury dispute attorneys a call.

6. Contact us so that we can assist you with setting up your insurance claim or if you choose not to hire an attorney, to contact your insurance company and report the claim. We recommend not giving any type of recorded or written statement until after you have hired an attorney. You will need to report your claim to your insurance company within a short time of the accident to ensure you will not have any insurance coverage issues. Once we are your attorneys we will handle all communications with the insurance companies to ensure your rights are protected.